Capalino Ventures provides advisory services for the strategy and implementation of multifaceted real estate projects with governmental interconnections or a social impact purpose, in New York City and the tri-state region.

Full-Cyle Capability: we can effectively manage client real estate initiatives from start to finish because we merge governmental knowledge and capital solution expertise.

Proactive Strategies: reconnaissance of legislative and political changes helps introduce creative real estate tactics and plans, so our clients are one-step ahead.

Stamp of Approval: capital providers in our clients’ real estate projects are comfortable because we bring seasoned perspective in evaluating governmental risks.

Alignment of Interests: our willingness to engage with long-term, speculative projects and offer flexible fee arrangements is a show of commitment to our clients.   

The Complicated and The Countercurrent: directing our clients through intricate and atypical projects are those we embrace, not shy away from.